Insider tips when you want to hire a water taxi in Venice

Hiring a water taxi in Venice in absolutely an electrifying experience and definitively the fastest way to move in Venice.

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Still you need to know a couple of thing in order to avoid to transform this experience in a nightmare!
Nothing to worry, there are just few insider tipps to get the most of your water taxi experience.
First of all, a water taxi in Venice can be expensive (a ride from Venice Marco Polo Airport starts from 110 euros for 4 persons, plus luggage costs), but  water taxis can carry up to 10 passengers, so the costs of hiring a water taxy for a small group can be cheaper than the public transportation, specialli if you travel by night and public transportation reduce their lines.
Another problem could be your tolerance with boats and water experience: Water taxi are very fast boats and of course they navigate in the lagoon of Venice. 
So, if you suffer easily from seasickness it could be a problem.
You can't always use specific landings, so depending on your stop, you may need to make a small jump between the boat and the "foundation". The taxi driver will definitely help you, however you have to be ready to make this little effort.
This effort could be a little more expensive at high or low tide.
If the tide is too high, you may have to jump off the boat about ten centimeters, whereas at low tide you should probably climb on the taxi bags and climb the shore again, or use old stone staircases that at that time could have some slippery seaweed.
The taxi driver however will tell you what will be the safest movement.

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The taxi driver is responsible for his own boat, so he can not leave his boat during loading, so you should lift your heavy luggage from the dock to the hands of the pilot, who will then help you load them on board.
Venice is not a normal city, it is made of canals, "calli" and "campielli", so in some cases the taxi stop is not close to your starting or arrival point, so sometimes you may need to do some walking.
Also remember that booking a water taxi with your local travel agency in advance may be much more expensive than booking it directly with the taxi company in Venice, due to the fees charged by travel agencies. Remember that a normal transfer from the airport to a hotel in Venice would cost about 120 euros.
Water taxis enabled to transport people have a yellow sticker on the side with the license number.
Boats enabled to hire with a driver have a green sticker with the license number.
So be wary of boats without these identifying signs because they are not enabled by the municipality of Venice.

I recognize that all this information can be alarming, but it's just warnings to avoid nasty surprises. The water taxi in Venice has a touch of elegance, class and prestige that is absolutely worth a try.

For more information about water taxis in Venice, see the website, which in our opinion is Venice's most exclusive taxi service.

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Insider tips when you want to hire a water taxi in Venice

Hiring a water taxi in Venice in absolutely an electrifying experience and definitively the fastest way to move in Venice.

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